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SD46 Career Programs

Work Experience

Work Experience: 12A & 12B


Work Experience 12A and 12B are each worth 4 credits towards graduation, each comprising of approximately 100 hours with most hours at a workplace and some online learning. These courses give students an opportunity to participate in, observe, and learn about the tasks and responsibilities related to an occupation or career. Work Experience is a continuation of knowledge learned in Career-Life Education and helps students to find their passion while gaining employ-ability skills.

Work Experience Curriculum:

  • Connect and Wonder

          * Assess knowledge of self and identify personal areas of interest to explore options for work placement.

  • Explore and Investigate

           *Experiences outside of school to expand workplace skills and career-life options while providing opportunities for self-discovery

           *Understanding and applying one’s personal rights and responsibilities as a worker 

  • Experience and Develop

           *Develop skills to work respectfully and constructively, both independently and with others.

           *Demonstrate knowledge of cultural sensitivity, workplace ethics and etiquette

  • Reflect and Refine

            *Document 100 hours and engage in ongoing reflection of work experience as it relates to current and future career pathways

Work Experience 12B:

This can be a continuation of Work Experience 12A or a placement in a different work site.

The student will refine job search and interview skills while implementing a plan to address skill development on their career path.

During an intake interview with the Career Coordinator, the student will discuss career options and be matched with a work experience placement.  Students may change the placements during the 100 hour if they are not enjoying the placement.  This is to benefit the student and to learn about career options that they are interested in while feeling safe and supported at all times.

The Sunshine Coast Community has been very supportive in giving the students rewarding work experience opportunities that the students have asked for.

Please contact the career coordinator or your school counsellor for an appointment to discuss this course opportunity.

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